Exchange Listing on LATOKEN

We are excited to announce that AEN tokens will be listed on LATOKEN! Please see the following details below:
● Open to deposits: 28th Nov 2018, 15:00 HKT (UTC+8)
● Open for trading: 29th Nov 2018, 15:00 HKT (UTC+8)
● BTC and ETH pairs

Click here to deposit AEN on LATOKEN on 28th Nov!


LATOKEN is a rapidly growing crypto exchange focusing on liquidity for new tokens:

● $35m+ daily turnover

● More than 85,000 registered traders

● 250+ crypto pairs available for trading

We are excited about getting our token listed on a platform which is dedicated in providing high quality crypto trading services at low trading and withdrawal fees. We believe the Aenco community will enjoy the trading experience on LATOKEN, and LATOKEN will facilitate ongoing liquidity for AEN.

Warm regards,
The Aenco Team

Aenco Blockchain Supports Customisable Business Applications, Financial Transactions, and Healthcare Technology Innovation

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